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If you are willing to interact with CaseTutors.com, you would have to comply with the website's privacy policy and terms and conditions. You can also visit our privacy policy page to get an idea about what it is. The T&C and privacy policy applies to all the existing and new users. Alternatively, anyone else who has visited the website from a referral link, search engine, or social media. If you aren't willing to comply with the terms and conditions, you are no longer to use the website for any of the purposes.

In terms and conditions page, we will refer to the "Client" as "You" or "Your." This means the person who is visiting the website and is agreed with the privacy policy and terms and conditions. However, when we use "We," "Us," or "Ourselves," it will refer to the website owner or CaseTutors.com.

To use the CaseTutors.com website for its services, you have to ensure that the information you provided for being registered is accurate and precise. You are not eligible to change the information. Moreover, you need to be over 18 for using the website to be bounded in the legal relations. Our services are in no way in contradiction with the law of any school, college, and university, and therefore, you should also not violate any of the pre-established laws. If we come to know that you are not eligible to avail of the service for any reason or are not above 18, we have the right to delete your profile from our database, and you will no longer be able to access your information.

Compliance With T&C

We keep your data safe and are working continuously and putting our efforts to provide a safe and secure experience to our website users. Moreover, you would have to comply with the below-mentioned terms and conditions for using the website.

  • Placement of Order: while you place the order, you need to make sure that all the information provided must be accurate. If any misunderstanding takes place, you would be responsible for the loss. In the order section, we will ask you to confirm that the information you have provided is accurate or not. If you don't provide any particular guidelines, we will no longer be working on the project, and in case of delay, you shall be responsible for all the unforeseen circumstances. We assure you that if the information is provided precisely, we deliver the work to you on a given timeframe. You are not eligible to change the guidelines in the order, if you do so, it will be considered as a new order, and you will have to pay an extra amount for that purpose.
  • Payment: If the financial provider doesn't process your payment, the transaction does not occur. We will no longer entertain you. Moreover, you will not be able to get the services. The pricing is excluded from all the taxation by the authorities and does not include any of that. Your physical location will determine the taxes, duties, levies, and more. You will have to pay all the taxes as per the set by the authorities. If your financial provider does not process the payment and we don't receive the full amount. You will be deprived of the services under the legal laws. We consider the usage of stolen credit cards as a crime. We CaseTutors.com are in touch with the financial providers and always take serious action against the culprits found guilty of any online fraud.
  • Loyalty Program: We provide a signup bonus of $5 to every client who signs up on the website. We have a loyalty program, and you will receive cashback on every order. You cannot withdraw the amount from your account, but can use 25% of the amount while placing your next order. The loyalty program amount is non-refundable. We have not set any validity period, and you can get the use whenever you want to.
  • Revisions: If you are looking ahead for any revisions in the final deliverable, you have to process the request within thirty days. You can avail three revisions, if your revision period ends or you need fourth revision, you will not be entertained and would have to place a new order. If you do not opt for the revision in the given timeframe, it will be considered that you are satisfied with the work, and now you don't need any further assistance.
  • Verification: We may ask you to provide us with all the identification information. Additionally, we can use legal ways to acquire information about the client. If you agree with the T&C, you are legally allowing us to fetch all the information you think is essential to work with you. We may ask third-party sources to provide information, or our team may ask from you. We can also contact the cardholder to authenticate and confirm the order. For verification confirmation, you may have to provide additional documents. We want to deliver the order on the given timeframe, and therefore, we will process the verification on a priority basis. If you fail to provide your verification documents, we have the right to cancel your order without prior notification.

Client’s Relation with CaseTutors

You are legally bound to follow all the points mentioned below.

  • We in no way work with any person who is involved in any illegal activity. If your institution has a policy of not getting assistance from online academic writing services, we will not process your order and no longer work with you.
  • We are in no way liable to any consequences you may face for the submission of your paper to the academic institution. The academic assignments we provide should only be used for research and learning purposes, and you are in no way allowed to submit to any of the institutions.
  • CaseTutors.com holds the rights to all the research papers and academic assignments. We are the sole owner of all the work we provide. You will not be allowed to distribute or share it with anyone at all.
  • We post our client's testimonials on our website by the initials of their name. If you have posted any review about the services, and later on wanted to remove it, you hold the right to do so.
  • You will only be eligible to avail of the services if your provided information is accurate and is in no way vague.

You are legally bound to follow all the points mentioned above, and in case of violation, CaseTutors.com holds the right to stop providing services without any notification.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

All of our team members have signed the contract to not disclose any information about the client to anyone at all. Your information will not be shared with anyone at all. It includes third-party sources and databases. Therefore, we are investing our resources to provide you a safe and secure experience with CaseTutors.

Payment and Billing Details

The information you provide about your credit card while processing the order is encrypted. We have no access to any of your details.

In case you are using the internet from a net café or friend's computer, make sure to clear the history. If any loss occurs on your financial end, CaseTutors will not be responsible at all.

How Your Payment Information Is Handled?

  • We don't save the information about your card and other payment methods.
  • We only deduct the amount that is displayed and have no extra charges for processing the order. If any extra amount is deducted from your account, it will fall under the tax, and your physical location highly determines the taxation amount.
  • You can view your payment history, and the link to it will be available on the website portal.
  • We can contact the cardholder for verification purposes through call, email, or any other medium.

CaseTutors has the authority to make any changes to terms and conditions without prior notifying the user. Therefore, we always suggest the user or client visit the terms and condition page and the privacy policy page.

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