General Questions

In this section we will answer generic questions that we most commonly receive from customers and prospects.

CaseTutors is a renowned academic writing platform helping students from across the world meet their academic writing challenges. We provide perfectly written papers on a budget. We cover every type of business management writing project, subjects, topics, subtopics and diverse educational disciplines.

There are several reasons that make us a perfect choice. Below are just a few of them that help you make your mind.

Elite panel of writers: Our writers are some of the best writing professionals in the industry. They are the literal cream of writers, we pay them more than the standard wages, and as a result, we expect seamless writing services and commitment. Our writers give us the strength to be called simply the best writing company.

Quality-oriented service: Quality is always our prime concern. Unlike our competitors in the market, we never prefer quantity to quality. We take every new order as a challenge and treat it accordingly. Our dedicated quality assurance department ensures perfect quality in every written paper. Members of the QA department are the most learned writing professionals.

Affordable prices: We have a passion for writing and work to bring ease in students' academic lives. Knowing the challenges of student life, we offer exceptionally low prices that are affordable for everyone.

YES! Our services are absolutely legal. We simply provide you with the helping material that aids in the completion of your academic papers. Each paper is written in line with the instructions and unique needs of the client. Hiring professional help and implementing the solutions is perfectly legit.

Order & Delivery

Here in this section, all your potential questions regarding the order and delivery will be answered.

We always stay ready and start working on your project as soon as we receive your order. In terms of completions and deadline, this is you to decide the ultimate deadline. We pay huge attention to meeting deadlines and never cause any delays. Once you decide the deadline, we make sure to deliver the final paper before the deadline.

Once we are done with the paper completion, we send you the downloadable link to the paper through the registered email address. Additionally, you can also access the completed paper through your personal account on the website and find the paper in the downloads section. You can access the paper through both options depending on your convenience.

Failing to deliver on time is highly unlikely. We are a thoroughly professional academic writing company and we know the importance of deadlines very well. We are extremely cautious of this sensitive matter and know that you will get no marks if you submit the assignment past the deadline. That’s why we may go to the extent of using all our resources but we never fall short of our commitment. Meeting the deadlines is in our DNA.

We have the world's finest customer care mechanism in place. Our customer support team always stays vigilant to respond to all your queries and concerns 24/7, no matter what time of the day or night you reach us. In order to make changes post order, you need to contact the customer support immediately or you may also access the designated writer to inform him/her about any changes/modifications you want to make.

Writers Information

All your concerns and questions regarding our writers will be addressed in this section. Read all questions and answers carefully.

This is a very common and natural question. Students fairly worry about the quality of their assignment. However, once you come to the CaseTutors, this must not be a matter of concern anymore. We have a very smart administrative set up in place and a very large pool of subject specialist writers on board with us having lengthy writing experience at their credit. Each of the writers is carefully categorized and profiled according to his/her specialty, qualification and experience. Once we receive your order, our automated system allows us to find the perfect match to your unique assignment needs. So your paper will be written by a perfectly ideal match who is qualified and experienced enough to do full justice.

This is again a very fair question, rather a demand. Many writing companies do not facilitate the customers with direct access to the writer. On the contrary, CaseTutors give you full freedom to do as much deliberations as you want with the designated writer. To prevent any communication gaps that may badly affect your assignment, we connect the customer with the writer through the commenting on order page. The writer will always be in your access until the completion of your paper. Pass on all firsthand instructions and helping material to the most appropriate person by yourself.

At the time of order placement, we collect all the necessary information regarding the project, its scope, word count or pages count, referencing style etc. We encourage the customers to provide all the essential files and material that is important in completion of the paper and must be incorporated. Yet if due to any reason you fail to deliver the material at that time, this can be delivered to the writer later, through comments on order page, but make sure this is not too late to be included in the paper.

We regret that the customer cannot pick and choose the writer and it has various reasons for this. Company has a very robust profiling system for it’s on board writers. Each one of our writers is categorized according to its unique qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. We are very well versed with all apparent and potential qualities of our team and that is why we are the best to decide which exact writer would be a perfect match for your specific task. You can still name any specific writer in requirements and we will try our best to assign to that writer based on availability.

Quality Related Matters

This section will clear all your doubts and concerns regarding the quality assurance and maintenance at CaseTutors.

When it comes to the quality, we are way more sensitive to this issue because we believe that this is not only about your paper, this is rather more about our goodwill in the market. We are among the pioneers of the writing industry, we take pride in our reputation, and the way students relate to us. This is why we never compromise on the quality factor, in fact, this is our supreme concern. We have hired the most learned writers and have a dedicated quality assurance department, its sole purpose is to ensure and maintain the highest standards of quality in every aspect.

Nobody can guarantee you an A + grade except you. We are a custom writing company that helps the students with top quality written papers. These papers are supposed to be an aid in completion of your papers. Additionally, we make sure to provide all the assistance and guidance that a student demands. Rest depends on you and the way you make the use of our professional assistance. We can guarantee you a hundred percent authentic help and error free solutions, not grades.

First of all, we are so confident of our seamless writing services that it is highly unlikely for a customer to be dissatisfied. Our services are always customer centric and we strive to bring a hundred percent satisfaction. Moreover, we have a very robust system in place for editing/proofreading. Yet in an instance where a customer is not satisfied, he can ask for a free of cost revision. Each client is entitled to avail three free revisions within one month of the delivery of final paper.

Plagiarism is a disgrace to the writing profession. Our writers are dignified and paid enough to avoid any such shameful act. CaseTutors has a very clear stated policy, we have zero tolerance for plagiarism. For the sake of customer satisfaction, each completed paper carries a complimentary plagiarism report that shows your paper is custom written and plagiarism free. In a case the percentage exceeds the plagiarism standard set by your institute, you can file a formal revision request.

Price calculation and Payment

Answers to these questions will help you better understand our price calculation and payment procedures that we follow.

There are various factors that contribute to the final calculation of the price. First of all, it mainly depends word count of the paper you want. Additionally, the available time in hand or deadline also affects the price calculation. In terms of time or deadline, more the time in hand for completion, lesser the price and vice versa. Furthermore, if you want some additional paid resources to be incorporated in the assignment, the price for these paid resources will be charged on account of the client if any.

Just for the sake of your convenience, we have integrated multiple payment options. This is the choice of customer to select the most suitable medium of payment according to his/her personal convenience. We accept payments through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and other debit and credit cards. Make sure to clear the payment as soon as possible because we start working on your project after the payment confirmation only.

We regret that you cannot make payment in installments for small orders. It is mandatory to make full payment before we start working on your paper. For lengthly orders you can contact our support to create installments for your order. Once you have made the payment in full, we will instantly start working on the procedures to complete your assignment.

We are a professional academic writing company and pursue writing as a profession. We have with us paid writers that are usually paid more than the standard market wage rate. Additionally, this takes multiple resources to run our operations effectively. Although the customer does not bear the load of higher wages, we offer very attractive and affordable prices for all our services.

As we mentioned earlier that we are a customer centric company and we always prioritize our customers. We strive really hard to satisfy our clients in every respect. We never over commit nor we compromise on the quality in any way. Despite all these sureties, this is a human based organization and humans are always subject to unforeseen circumstances. In a rarest event where we fail to deliver what we commit, you have a right to claim a refund. There are several conditions for qualification of a refund request, for further details, you can read our “Refund Policy”.

Safety/privacy Related Matters

Here in this section, all your doubts regarding safety and security will be cleared. Read the answers very carefully to know more about the safety and privacy measures.

caseTutors pays massive attention to the confidentiality of its customers. We believe in maintaining and retaining good customer relations based on great working relationships. We deal in most secure payment gateways with minimum or no possibility of fraud. Additionally, we completely protect the financial details of our client, none of your financial details is stored on our servers and we charge only the agreed amount. We do not have any hidden charges at all.

As a professional writing company, we strongly believe in your basic human right of privacy/confidentiality. We implement the highest standards of cyber security and do everything possible to keep your information from the access of unwarranted third parties. We collect very basic information that is only related to your project. Neither we acquire nor store any sensitive personal details at all. Your name and contact number is required for timely completion of your paper. some additional details might be asked to generate bills and record transactions. We never sell or trade your information with third parties. For further information, you can read our comprehensive “Privacy Policy”.

As we mentioned earlier that we respect and safeguard your right to anonymity. Nobody except you has direct access to your information in our database. The data of personal information that we collect is not shared even with the staff. Each customer gets a unique user id and all required communication is made through this unique user id. Nobody can have access to your information at all. Additionally, we never sell or trade your data, which terminates the slightest probability of leakage of your data to any third person or party.

We again emphasize that we work in a very secure and protected atmosphere. Each customer is communicated through a unique generated ID number and that is all we have about the recognition of each individual. Further information is only used by the automated system with an intention to only communicate or generate electronic bills. No customer has any kind of access to the information of any other client at all.

This is your basic right to permanently delete all of your information and your personal user account from our database. In a case where you have an ongoing project, you cannot exercise this right until the completion of your paper. Additionally, if you delete the data, you will not be entitled to avail any of our services in future until the provision of information anew. As the data is the main source of connecting and communicating with the client.

In a case a customer forgets the password to its personal account on our website, just click on the “forgot password” option and we will send you a link on your registered email address. You can change the password by following the instructions on this link.

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