What Is A Descriptive Essay?, written by George Satin

How To Write A Descriptive Essay?

Here we are providing you all details about a descriptive essay, it's format topics, and components to make you understand and guide you so you can write in a better way about descriptive essay and enhance your performance and score in your exams with little effort and add quality material with chronologic order to improve the efficacy of your essay and make your essay more persuasive. Let’s come to our topic, first of all, you have to know about the definition of descriptive essay for better write up.

Definition Of Descriptive Essay

In a descriptive essay you have to provide all related detail about a topic and object and describe the experience about something in which you have expertise. Basically, a descriptive essay is a short topic in which summarizes the whole topic and covers every aspect to make a better understanding of the reader and become attractive.

Types Of Essays

There are various types of essays in that descriptive essay has its own significance and worth. Here are written different types of essays for your knowledge and information.

The main essays that are used in academic writing are provided below:

  1. Descriptive essay
  2. Argumentative essay
  3. Narrative essay
  4. Expository essay
  5. Persuasive essay
  6. Reflective essay
  7. Analytical essay
  • Descriptive essay
    Descriptive essay illustrate about the description and provide all necessary detail about the topic, object, person, and some beautiful place and surroundings.
  • Argumentative essay
    In this, you have to investigate the person, and collect evidence about the topic and concisely establish the results and findings.
  • Narrative essay
    This type of essay define in a manner in which you have to describe the story about your personnel and interesting topics with all your full intensions and it also allows the students to express their own feelings and experiences in the essay and make students more creative.
  • Expository essay
    This type of essay requires an exploring idea, in which you elaborate its contents and figure out its positive and negative impacts that become clear for the reader and make persuasive for the readers.
  • Persuasive essay
    This type intends to define logic and reasons to describe your point of view about the topic and it is also called an argumentative essay. You must write your arguments to support your opinion and convince the audience from your facts and strong arguments.
  • Reflective analysis
    Writers define their life experiences, thinking about life and how he/she has been changed and how things happen in or against your way. What you have done in those situations? The format of this essay is mostly depending upon the audience and writes according to the audience that has read that.
  • Analytical essay
    Writing an analytical essay is a complex thing in which you have to describe a tiny detail about the topic to make a better understanding and provide entire knowledge to the reader. And writing the analytical essay according to the topic, and the type of arguments that you are going to written in your analytical essay define the format of the essay.

Descriptive Essay Topics

Various descriptive essay topics have great importance in the essay and make a more persuasive essay and essay is totally rely upon the topic. Below are providing some important descriptive essay topics for your kind information and make it easy for you to select a topic.

  • Define about them meeting with a stranger that you have ever do with
  • Write on a piece of art
  • Define the lucky object
  • Write on an inspiring family event
  • Define the crazy friend's story
  • Write on a hunted place
  • Place of your birth and your favorite place
  • Beautiful location with nature
  • Favorite movie

You get to know how to write a descriptive essay and choose its topics for extraordinary writing. Let’s come to our main topic and we are going to precede it further for you so you can write flawlessly and smoothly of your descriptive essay.

Parts Of Descriptive Essay

Here we are providing you the tips for writing the descriptive essay. For this, you have to completely know-how about the descriptive essay format and ensure the quality content. Make an outline before starting the writing on descriptive essay and covers all main point in this outline and which points you want to elaborate in your essay. The structure of the essay guides you about your descriptive essay format so you can put your abilities to make the essay more attractive. There are three parts of a descriptive essay: that are described below for your assistance: introduction, body, and conclusion.

1. Introduction

In your introduction, you foot your reader in your essay; it is the first thing that makes an impression on the reader’s mind. Make the introduction more attractive and grabs the attention of readers. Through your introduction reader will understand and get to know what is going to present in your essay and grabs the readers to read out your entire essay. Here are some points to follow to make better introduction writing and provide a good understanding of the topic and objects that you have described later in this essay.

  • Always start a descriptive essay introduction with suspense, capture the attention of readers, and use good words to start an introduction. For this, you have to raise some questions and quotes to capture the readers’ eye.
  • You don’t put a lot of description in your introduction and just come to the points and provide its significance and the points that you have to describe in your essays. Through your introduction reader get to know what he/she will be going to read from your essay and what kind of information and content you have written in your essay.
  • At the end of the introduction never miss the thesis statement, it is the backbone of your essay and constitutes the whole essay in one sentence, and answers the questions that are based on your descriptive essay topic. A good thesis statement should be the following characteristics:
  • The statement must be narrow and calcifies all the main points and provide a better understanding and clues about the content. Make sure it should be short and clear.
  • Never use common words, you should have a focus on creative words that attract the reader and make them read out your whole essay with full intentions.

2. Body paragraphs of descriptive essay

After the introduction, body paragraphs are come to describe little details about the topic to make more understanding. All the points are described briefly in this section.

  • Use the main points at the start of every paragraph, through this main point reader get to know and have an idea about the paragraph that has been written in this paragraph. After writing the main topics go back to the streamline in which you have to focus on your idea and write symmetrically all about it.
  • Always use transition words to make beautiful and more persuasive essay writing. Most of the times transitions words are conjunctions that’s why you have to sect very carefully of the conjunctions, and write that conjunction that suits your explanation.
  • Organize the body paragraphs, and set them appropriately so they provide a sequence and written in a story way and easy for the reader to understand your essay and clear all your main points that you have focused on and act as a skeleton in your essay. Paragraphs should be written with proper standard and maintain the length of the paragraphs, don not exceed your body paragraphs with 5 paragraphs it makes the essay more length, and the reader loses attention.
  • In each body paragraph only write 6 sentences.

3. Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of the essay in which you summarize the entire essay and restate the thesis statement, pay more attention to this section. Use finishing words that it defines that it is the ending point of the essay, in conclusion, you also raise some points and questions that make the readers think about that. The main good tone in your entire essay and identifies the mistakes.

After writing the essay make sure to review the essay and do proofreading to remove all mistakes and make your essay more fantastic. This makes a more impressive essay without any mistake and provides more efficacy and reader also put in your favor and suggest to others to read your descriptive easy it is written in a better way and very well.

Now you get to know how to write a descriptive essay and we also provide all tips for writing a descriptive essay so you can write extraordinary and know all the aspects and facts about the descriptive essay.

For writing a descriptive essay you have to do all these steps before writing the essay.

  • Not in the descriptive essay, before starting an essay and some other write up always do brainstorming about the topic and provide many ideas on the points that are going to choose, write 4-5 points and topics that are according to your interest and you have full knowledge on that.
  • Select one and outline their main points that are the base of your essay topic.
  • Select the descriptive essay format and continue your write up according to that format.
  • Choose good words that enhance the beauty of your essay and organize it beautifully and persuasively.
  • Follow all the rules that are instructed by your professor and teachers and upgrade your level by writing a fantastic descriptive essay brilliantly.

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At the last, we are supposed you have to know the entire main and every aspect of descriptive essay and now you can write very well on descriptive essay. So it’s your turn to select a topic and write on that and follow all the instructions that are provided above for your information and guidance so you can write on every topic about descriptive essay and ace in your class and exams.

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