Major Steps Involved In Writing A Dissertation, written by Matthew Lashley

Steps to Writing A Dissertation

A thesis or dissertation is a long piece of paper you have to do original research to complete up that. It is usually submitted at the end of a master's and PhDs degree and sometimes you have to deliver it to the bachelor's program.

It is the longest piece of paper that you have ever done, for this there is a difficult state for you because you think from where it starts. This article generally provides you the material that you are looking for. We explain from the start to till the end and cover whole mandatory things very briefly and in a synchronized manner that makes it easy for you to understand the whole procedure.

We here provide the dissertation template and you can adapt it as per your academic requirements.

  • Title page
  • Acknowledgment
  • Table of contents
  • List of tables and figures
  • List of abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Review of literature
  • Materials and methods
  • Result and discussion
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices
  • Editing and proofreading

The dissertation format is not always followed the same in each university, every university has its specific criteria that is essential to follow by all of the students. Mostly dissertation format depends on the research location, topic, and discipline. Such a dissertation of humanities is written in an essay form, in this type of dissertation you have to give strong arguments to support the central theme of your research topic and do research and case study around that.

If you are a student of social sciences and empirical research, your dissertation should have all the above content in it. In most cases, each table of content is established in a separate chapter but you can combine all of them. You can see in social sciences faculty there is no separate chapter for results and discussions you can combine them. The section orders can also be varied from field to field in a country. Some universities have kept the discussion chapter before the conclusion. If you have any doubt on how to write a good dissertation then read your university guidelines about that and go to your supervisor to get information.

In our blog, you know how to write a good dissertation and we are going to illustrate it in detail so you can write a perfect dissertation through our article and this article will help you out in your stressful condition when you have no choice to write a dissertation rather than any other.

How to Write A Dissertation Step by Step

  • Title page
    Many universities have advised their student to a very strict formatting procedure for their students. You have to write your dissertation title, your name, supervisor name, degree title, date of submission and sometimes you can add your university logo on the title page. You can also include your university age number on the dissertation title page.
  • Acknowledgment
    This section is optional, it’s on you to do thank those who do help you in doing your research and covet your dissertation. You might be included your parents, teachers, friends, and family here who supported you.
  • Abstract
    Abstract should be 150 to 300 long and it is a summary of your whole work. It is advised you to write your abstract at the end of your work. There are some important points that you never miss while writing your dissertation.
  1. Define the main topic and objectives of your research
  2. Describe the methods which you have to choose for your research
  3. Explain the main results
  4. Conclude the results at the end of the abstract

The abstract should be kept short; it is the first part of the dissertation so be very careful while writing it. Write a strong abstract in the right way because it is the first thing in your dissertation that impresses the readers.

  • Table of contents
    At this page, list the tables their titles, and their page numbers. Table of content makes it easy for the readers to navigate the document. All parts are included in this; you can easily generate the list of tables of content if you used the word to choose that style.
  • List of tables
    All tables which you add to your dissertation are put here with their title and the page number. It makes it easy for the readers to go to that page without scrolling the page.
  • List of abbreviations
    If you add a lot of abbreviations in your dissertation you can put them in a table with their whole name. Readers easily look at their full name and understand their meaning. You generate the abbreviations in alphabetical form.
  • Glossary
    If you add a unique term in your dissertation that you think the reader might not familiar with them, covet them on a separate page with their complete definition. Write to them also in alphabetical form with a brief description.
  • Introduction
    Dissertation introduction starts through the state of the main topic, and defines the purpose of your research. And provide a glimpse of your whole dissertation by putting similar information about them. So, they know what they read further. The introduction should have the following items in it.
  1. Give background information that contextualizes your work and sate the topic
  2. Narrow down the broad topic around your main research points and also write the scope of your research
  3. Discuss the existing research on your topic and debate on it and tell why you choose this topic and convince the readers towards your side
  4. State your work and justify your research objectives
  5. Provide an overview of your dissertation format

The introduction should be engaging and stated clearly so that you can grab the attention and impress the readers through your work.

  • Literature review
    A literature review is done to get a thorough understanding of the research and you can gain knowledge of how to mingle work that has been done on your research topic. You can gather it from various books, journals, different articles, and from the library of your concerned faculty. Analyze each source and make connections between them. In the dissertation write up you didn’t write the previous studies you have to summarize all of them to correlate with your topic and provide strong arguments through them to prove your research.
  1. Define the gaps why there is a need to research this topic
  2. Takes new theoretical information on it.
  3. Propose a solution for problems that have to solve through research
  4. Make a theoretical debate by this
  5. Builds new facts and provide strong strength through theoretical data

This is included in the basis of a framework for the new findings, in which you have to define new facts, theories, models, and the frame of your research. Here you provide the concepts that link up with the descriptive research that you have to do.

  • Methodology
    In this section, you explain your research methods in detail that you adopt for the complete up of your research briefly. Along with methods also state the materials and their validity so reader access to that. Here we are going to highlights some important points in the context of materials and methods write up for a good dissertation.
  1. The overall research methods either it was qualitative or quantitative provide here.
  2. Method of data collecting
  3. Which type of method you choose to analyze the data
  4. Tools which are used for collecting the data
  5. Justify the research method
  6. Also, write the obstacles that faced and explain how you overcome them

The objective of this section is to provide a glimpse of how you did the research and share it in your dissertation. Convincing the reader through this approach is the best option to answer the research questions.

  • Results
    This is the core part of the dissertation; you have put all your results and also add the questions, themes, and hypotheses. In some universities, results are combined with the discussion portion and some have allowed separating them.
  1. Concisely represent the results
  2. Along with results also write the means of the treatment and their standard deviation
  3. State the results in a way how they prove the hypothesis and answer their questions
  4. Add the tables and figures so the reader can understand easily about your research results
  5. Brief all the results and answer those that belong to your research and so add the expectations which you do not meet through your research and which you want to wish for
  6. Do not include subjective speculations in the results section

Extra data and results may present in the appendix.

  • Discussion
    Discussion explores the things and you here provide the implementations and answer the research questions. You make a discussion that tells the readers which are expectations of how your results fix your hypothesis results and fit the framework.
  1. Define what is the meaning of your dissertation research-based results
  2. Why results matter
  3. Provide the limitations and define what the results say

If some results came unexpectedly then explain why might to be. This is a good idea to provide an alternate method to define that result. The discussion refers back to the existing research on how your research fi that framework.

  • Conclusion
    In her you precisely tell the main question of your research, leave a clear cut statement for the readers so that make understands easily. In some universities, the conclusion chapter comes before the discussion chapter. First of all, provide all results and define their conclusion. The conclusion is the last chapter in which you wrap your entire dissertation and it acts as a reflection of your work which you have done in previous. Also, write future predictions and methods of their implications, it gives a clear message to the reader.
  • References
    You put full details of all your sources here, and write the references which must be cited previously in your literature. This section is also called a bibliography. Every university has its reference style. Common styles for the APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard are used. Can also ask your supervisor if you do not sure about anything. And check the whole requirements. Write all the references in alphabetical order so you can check them easily.
  • Appendices
    Only put that information which states your research questions answers. Descriptions and documents that do not fit in the main body of the dissertation can be put here.
  • Editing and proofreading
    Make sure you have written in a well-manner of all your chapters of the dissertation and also check them all of the data is in its right place. Keep plenty of time for this; ill grammar and wrongly formatted work drag off the interest and your position and also degrade your hard work and dissertation quality. Other than this also check the inconsistency and language mistakes. For this section, you can also take some experienced person guidance to make your dissertation perfect.

We assume you all about how to write a dissertation, what is dissertation, and the steps to writing a dissertation.

  • Undergraduate dissertation
    Undergraduate students also complete their undergraduate dissertation for qualifying their degree and it’s their university or college requirements. This is a piece of paper that is written for a single subject. Students work under a single supervisor that is allocated to them by the faculty of their concerned department.

Difference Between Undergraduate & Postgraduate Dissertation

An undergraduate dissertation is short than a postgraduate dissertation. An undergraduate dissertation is not required as much originality as it is needed in a postgraduate dissertation. You have put new ideas and provide their sources critically; you can also combine information from various resources. Undergraduate teaches the students to think critically and narrow down their research findings through their research facts.

Steps to writing a dissertation proposal: dissertation tells what you are going to do, and provides the whole procedure of how and when you conduct your research. Either you are postgraduate students or graduate students you have to complete your dissertation before the dissertation write-up.

You have included the following arts in your dissertation proposal.

  1. An introduction
  2. Review of literature
  3. Research methodology
  4. Results and discussion
  5. Bibliography

Select a topic

Take a strong idea that is come under your interest and field. Write down your key concerns that you want to gain after research and make notes for those questions. And choose the topic after that.

State your idea in your introduction

Like other texts and documents dissertation proposal also starts with an introduction. Write the consequences and state the background information and also write the importance of your topic. Present your research questions, aim in the introduction.

Explore the review of literature

Gather the information for various resources such as a library, internet, and various other books. It is important because it defines what is missing in existing research and make it easy for you to get those points that are undiscovered yet. You can also check the parameters which are selecting in your research to evaluate them through your research work.

Describe methodology

Provide a glimpse of your whole research methods and materials with a brief description so your supervisor can go through all the frame work and make your methodology more credible by editing and deleting some factors.

Provide the outlines of your research

You didn’t know what would be the results to be?  

  • Develop a test or theory
  • State the challenges
  • Give new information
  • Suggest information that is used in the improvement of that


Provide the list of references at the end of the research proposal and covet all the cited references in alphabetical order. Different universities have different styles of formatting bibliography. Commonly used styles are written here for your information but aside from this you also check the format and requirement of your university and college before coveting it. You must be added all those citations which you add in your literature and do not add some extra citations if you do not put them here.

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